Finding business partners (English guests)

Va invit la un alt meetup special, cu invitati straini.
Acesta va fi mai mult un meetup de socializare, invitatii cautand potentiali colaboratori sau parteneri de business in Romania.

Pentru aceasta intalnire locurile sunt limitate la 15 (excluzand invitatii), prioritate avand cei care au mai participat deja la intalnirile Lean Startup Bucharest.

Va las mai multe detalii despre acestia mai jos.

Frederic De Decker is born in Alsemberg and studied at the School of Arts in Brussels.

At the moment he is associate in the family owned kitchen factory and he manages several showrooms in Belgium. Together with Joris and Adrian they started Digitale Antwoorden: An innovative company that offers video and audio solutions based on Digital Signage. Joris Broodcoorens is born in Halle and studied law at the University of Leuven.

He started his career at an organisation called UNIZO that defends the interests of enterprises in Flanders. After this he stayed during several months in Romania and started Digitale antwoorden with Adrian and Frederic. Currently he is working in the family owned shop and is member of a local think tank. They can offer access to Belgian, French and Dutch market and they are willing to invest (max 10K) in the best ideas.

See you then! 🙂