WHY and HOW to start a company in the US from Romania

Own your business – WHY and HOW to start a company in the US from Romania

LSB #19 challenges you to consider a change in your business perspective. This edition invites you to a different venue, special treats and inter-cultural experiences.

The meeting focuses on what you need to know when opening a remote business in the US from Romania. The talks with business people who have already experienced success in such a framework will spare you time of searching administrative details on the Internet. Moreover, the speakers will share their experience and know-how with respect to this matter in order for you to get a birds-eye perspective on things.

Why would you need a US Business and bank account? Considering the consumer-driven business environment of the US, economy is mostly based on buying, rather than exporting. Therefore, it offers the ideal framework for selling products online. Hence, there is a variety of business opportunities, but they also come with the necessity of opening and maintaining a US bank account.

Rebecca Bextel, CEO of Mountain Business Center will offer valuable insights about their support for your business in a tax-free and business friendly state. Also, participants who find this challenge fit for their entrepreneurial spirit will receive a discount for using the services of Mountain Business Center.


18.30 – 19.00 – Participants arrival

19.00 – 19.15 – Introduction

19.15 – 19.45 – Example use case of a Romanian business targeting the US (to be announced)

19.45 – 20.15 – Panel discussion with Rebecca Bextel, CEO Mountain Business Center

20.15 – 21.00 – Networking and delicious food and drinks – don’t bring your car ! 🙂

Why you should attend:

– Enlarge your business perspectives

– Discover new business opportunities

– Find out what are the benefits of starting a company in the US remotely

– Learn the steps for creating a company in the US

– Share experiences with entrepreneurs who are already running a remote business from Romania in the US

What you will take away from the workshop:

– Useful insights from successful business leaders

– Refreshing entrepreneurial ideas

– The opportunity of receiving full support from Mountain Business Center – ask for the special voucher!

Who is the workshop for:

– People who want to take the entrepreneurial path

– Entrepreneurs with ideas that want to enlarge their business perspectives

– Daring people who seek opportunities of development

You can submit questions to Rebecca on this form and at the event.

FEE: 50 RON / 11 EUROs

Payable through:

– PayPal or credit card here (http://bit.ly/LSBPayPal)

– Bank transfer :



– In person at the event:

Only if you know thyself as trustworthy. A “criminal track record” helps in deciding. 🙂